[vpn-help] Problem with AD / Domain Login

shrew.20.konus at xoxy.net shrew.20.konus at xoxy.net
Wed Aug 27 09:43:26 CDT 2014

Am 25.08.2014 um 11:31 schrieb Alexis La Goutte - alexis.lagoutte at gmail.com:
>>> Do you have a prompt about ask the 12 digit password ?
>> Yes, there is a prompt with a floating window "Key file Credentials
>> Required" (whitch does not properly close after pressing enter).
> Ok, a bug i think, need to see with Matthew
Sorry to bother,
I need to get out this home-working station soon. Would it work with a 
shorter/ no password? Or could you give me an eta for the bugfix?

Greetings Konrad

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