[vpn-help] UI problems with VPN client 2.2.2 on Win 8.1

Matthews Mark (HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE INFORMATION CENTRE) mark.matthews1 at hscic.gov.uk
Tue Jan 27 15:41:23 CST 2015

Hi - I just purchased the pro version (Win 8.1), and have a couple of issues, can you please help;

At work, I use multiple monitors; At home I have only this machine

a) At Home, When I start the VPN software, it goes only to the notification area, and I cannot get the Manage window to come on screen at all :-(
a.1) Not even if I click on the "manage" menu item in the notification area
b) When I uninstall and reinstall the software, it remembers my previous settings, which it should not - or, it should ask to remove them on uninstall.
b.1) I thought a re-install might fix (a) and (a.1), but it does not :-(

Please advise!


Mark Matthews


Princes Exchange

Princes Square


West Yorks

LS1 4HY.

Phone Ext: 4322

Email: mark.matthews1 at hscic.gov.uk


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