[Vpn-devel] man issues and description

Nicolas Deschildre ndeschildre at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 03:41:57 CDT 2007


Me again on some others (small) buglets ;)
The iked man file complains : "mdoc warning: list open at EOF!  A .Bl
directive has no matching .El"
as well as the iked.conf :
"mdoc warning: Empty input line #553
mdoc warning: Empty input line #693
mdoc warning: Empty input line #700"

For the package, i have written the following small description:
"The Shrew Soft VPN Client is a free VPN Client for FreeBSD, NetBSD
and Linux based operating systems. This product can be used to
communicate with Open Source VPN servers (e.g. ipsec-tools) as well as
some commercial VPN servers."
I might be wrong or not enough precise on some points, feel free to modify.
It should be quite short and easily understandable by newbie who only
know the word "VPN" ;)

Concerning the default configuration for the iked demon, would you use
the current iked.conf.sample, or make some modifs?


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