[Vpn-help] cannot connect to a fortigate with shrew vpn client on windows

Matthew Grooms mgrooms at shrew.net
Thu Nov 20 13:06:39 CST 2008

Noach Sumner wrote:
> I don't remember which build sat where but there were a good number of 
> builds where Fortigate had completely broken the VPN connectivity. But I 
> wonder if you have a policy from internal to internal with service set 
> to DHCP and policy set to encrypt? BTW is there a reason you are running 
> the old build? MR5 is on P6 I believe and MR7 is on P1 and P2 is around 
> the corner (actually 4MR1 is supposed to be out before the end of the year).

Thanks for your input Noach. Ive had problems in the past while testing 
certain builds of the Fortigate firmware. Upgrading or downgrading to a 
different version seemed to resolve the issue.

> BTW, Matthew have you had a chance to look at the multiple IP issue yet?

I tried a few times but was unable to reproduce the issue. This is very 
high on my todo list and I hope to have something worked out by the end 
of the weekend.



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