[vpn-help] How to start a program automatically after ipsecc.exe established tunnel

Guido guweha at yahoo.de
Wed Mar 17 08:29:49 CDT 2010

Hello everybody,

I'm new to the list and first want to introduce myself.

I'm using the Shrew Soft VPN client on a Win XP client
to establish an IPSec tunnel to an Astaro Secure Gateway.

All things work fine so far except of one: running the
logon script when connecting to a Samba server.

When connected to a Samba server directly via LAN (i.e. without
using an IPSec tunnel) the logon script hosted on the Samba server
is executed directly after the user logged in on the client.
This works fine because the connection line is up _before_ login
into the client.

But, when logging into the client using a VPN connection the
Samba server cannot be reached by the client at logon time because the
tunnel isn't up/established at this Moment. I.e. not till the VPN tunnel
is established the Samba Server can be reached by the client.

Well, I added an ipsecc.exe -r ... -a program call in my
autostart folder which establishes the tunnel after the user
logged on the client automatically. This works fine, really.

So what I need is a solution which calls the logon script on the
Samba server _after_ the tunnel is (freshly) established after
user login.

Any idea how to do this? Many thanks in advance!


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