[vpn-help] Shrewsoft VPN client Linux command line option

Geoff Bonallack gb at stgroup.com
Mon Apr 4 12:16:06 CDT 2011

Hi Olivier,
The Windows version allows this, so you could try the same command in your Ubuntu shell:

ipsecc.exe -r configuration_name -u user_name -p password -a


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Hi there,
I'm using Shrewsoft vpn client on a ubuntu desktop box to connect to a phoenix contact vpn appliance.
No problem configuring the client everything is fine.

Now i need to export my profile to a ubuntu server box (no X allowed) i've managed to copy my certs and sites files again, no problem.

I can't find any command line option to get the client open my site ? Is there any of these or i'm completely wrong. ?

Best Regards


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