[vpn-help] Only 1 virtual adapter created

Christian Krackowizer c.krackowizer at a1.net
Sat Jan 8 01:11:57 CST 2011

Hello all,


I replaced my Netscreen Remote Client with Shrew 2.1.7. System is Windows XP
SP3 with all patches. Network chip is a Broadcom Nextreme GB.

After the installation, one Shrew Soft Virtual Adapter is created as
disabled. When opening a VPN, this adapter is enabled, tunnel gets connected
– works.

When I open a second VPN, a ‚unknown network device’ is created and the
connection fails. Retrying the operation, the next ‚unknown network device’
is created and so on 

It does not depend on the order of opening the VPN’s. One – the first –
always works, all other fail.

Unfortunately, these devices causes ‚.. new hardware found 
’ when booting 


Any ideas?


mit freundlichen Grüßen 
Christian Krackowizer 
Josef-Thorak-Strasse 22 
5026 Salzburg 
Tel. +43-664-3760631 
 <mailto:c.krackowizer at a1.net> c.krackowizer at a1.net



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