[vpn-help] Only 1 virtual adapter created

kevin vpn klmlk at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 8 12:06:15 CST 2011

On Sat, 8 Jan 2011 08:11:57 +0100
"Christian Krackowizer" <c.krackowizer at a1.net> wrote:

> I replaced my Netscreen Remote Client with Shrew 2.1.7. System is
> Windows XP SP3 with all patches. Network chip is a Broadcom Nextreme
> GB.
> After the installation, one Shrew Soft Virtual Adapter is created as
> disabled. When opening a VPN, this adapter is enabled, tunnel gets
> connected – works.
> When I open a second VPN, a ‚unknown network device’ is created and
> the connection fails. Retrying the operation, the next ‚unknown
> network device’ is created and so on …

Hi Christian,

Just for curiosity's sake, if you use the 2.2.0alpha version of the
Shrew client, does the problem still occur?

Note that I'm not suggesting that you run alpha-quality code on your
customer's machines, I'm just asking because it may provide the Shrew
developers more information if the 2.1 code base does not work and the
2.2 does.

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