[vpn-help] Windows 8, client 2.2.2 connecting but not pinging

Kevin VPN kvpn at live.com
Mon Dec 2 21:43:41 CST 2013

On 11/29/2013 09:48 AM, Timo Koppanen wrote:
> Hi,
> Actually I lied you to little, my worklaptop actually is 64bit, I
> remembered wrong, sorry. But my worklaptop is win8 64bit enterprise and my
> home is OEM win8.
> Here is my logs from both computers.
> Regards,
> Timo
> 2013/11/24 Timo Koppanen <timo.koppanen at gmail.com>
>> Hi.
>> I have brand new computer with windows 8 64bit, where I installed 2.2.2
>> client. It connects fine to the vpn, but when i try to ping or connect my
>> companys network drive, it says destination host unreachable.
>> I'm really confused here why it's not working.
>> My worklaptop works fine (windows 8 too but 32bit) in my own LAN and I can
>> connect to network drives just fine. I could almost swear on my life I have
>> nothing different on my home computer and worklaptop.[image: Tekstiin
>> lisättävä kuva 3]
>> [image: Tekstiin lisättävä kuva 2]
>> Also I have the shrew soft adapter in the device manager and working fine.
>> When I try to map network drive, it gives error 0x8007035, network path not
>> found.
>> In traceutility there is no packets moving at all, and so I though it is
>> because my firewall interrupts it (Zonealarm), but no. All networks have
>> been enabled in there, and also tried to turn all the firewalls and
>> antivirus programs down. My previous computer (win7) worked just fine with
>> the same setup.
>> Also tried version 2.1.17 but same problem.
>> I can't figure out what difference there is to my laptop except its 32bit,
>> and tabletop is 64bit.

Hi Timo,

There is one major difference between your work laptop and your home 
machine: work is using Shrew 2.1.7 and home is using 2.2.2.  However, I 
don't think that's a problem.

On your home machine, can you try running the Shrew VPN Access Manager 
as Administrator and see if that makes a difference?  (Right-click on 
VPN Access Manager and select Run as Administrator...)

I have to run as administrator on one Win8 machine to get incoming data 
to be received by Shrew, although I've not yet had time to figure out 
why I have to do that.

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